Ribbon & Trim Storage

By September 07, 2012 , ,

I’ve finally found the perfect solution for storing my ribbon and trims that I have short yardage of. I ditched the rolls that are primarily hollow cardboard ages ago. I thought about doing the wrap around cardboard, method a lot of scrapbookers use but it still wasn’t perfect. Then I got delivery of clothes from a online retailer and I found the perfect ‘free to me’ solution, those little plastic clips that they use to keep things folded!
These work perfect, they don’t dent the ribbon, they grip well, and they aren’t gonna poke you like pins do.
After winding and clipping my ribbon and trim I then store them in my custom over the door organizer so they are easy to track down.


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  1. I've tried so many different ways to organize ribbon, and none work! I'm going to have to try this. Thanks so much! And guess what? I'm in Nashville too! Come check out my blog if you feel so inclined.
    Stacia@ http://feathersandsunshine.blogspot.com

  2. this is a great idea. Now I just need to order some clothes to get some of those clips. :D Thanks for the idea and for sharing it on BeColorful this week.