House Tour–Living Dining Room

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It’s a work in progress, but the house is finally “blogable” so take a little tour of our living room, and my ideas. This room is LONG but only about 12 feet wide.


View from the front door. Next time we’re at Ikea we’ll swap our maple LACK tables for Black-Brown one’s since we have too many kinds of wood going on.
Livingroom and a Pepper
Looking from the other corner toward the front door. There’s a deep coat closet behind the front door, the other two doors lead to the den and kitchen.
Not sure the wicker chair will stay. 

The dining area, think I need a big piece of 3 panel art to hand there.

Livingroom and front window
That window is 12 feet long, you know how much traverse professional drape would be? At least $1000 probably. I modified some drapes, via trial and error, someday when I’ve recovered I’ll blog about it!
Thinking two of these Mid-Century-ish end tables in black brown (Martha – Home Decorators Collection  - $127 on sale ) They are as tall as the couch which is a plus!
Martha Stewart Living™ Lombard Round End Table
Then this for the entry wall. 15” deep max since it’s a little narrow with the wingback recliner. (Martha – Home Decorators Collection – $167 on sale).
Martha Stewart Living™ Larsson Demilune Console Table
What do you think? I feel like these pieces fit the room, are decently priced and decently made, with this all that will we left is finally hanging some stuff!

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  1. I think the cat is a nice decor touch.

  2. I think those tables will look great! Oh, and I would leave the wicker chair there. I like it:)

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please see my post today:


  3. I think the chair looks great in there! And I love the tables you have picked out! Thanks for dropping by my blog!