Cute & Easy Pencil Cups

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Fabric-Wrapped-Pencil-Cups (4)I put together these easy  pencil cups for Bestie , they match the cute chevron valances I made for her classroom at the start of the school year.
1. Save some tin cans next time you cook and throw them in the dishwasher. Don’t forget to save the cute short ones for paper clips.
2. Spray them down with a cute color of spray paint.
3. Check your scrap collection for scraps that fit the circumference of the can. Use a marking pen to mark a straight line the height of the can.Fabric-Wrapped-Pencil-Cups (1)
4. Serge or hem the fabric to fit, I LOVE the look of a perfect tension serge, so I went that route, not having to glue a folded hem is easier too, but honestly you could make this no sew, I don’t think the ‘wear’ on a pencil cup will cause it to fray.
5. Use some Aleene’s Tacky Glue to glue to the can (Who remembers and misses Aleene’s Creative Living?!?
Tacky GlueFabric-Wrapped-Pencil-Cups (3)
5. Let dry and fill them up!
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