The Power of Spray Paint

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The blogerverse has long loved spray paint, but now that I have a yard, and lots of things I want to "look better” until we can replace, I really LOVE the spray paint.

Case and point. I bought this $10 Target metal side table ages ago, it looked cute in my then Black & White living room. But now the pattern screamed “I’m cheapy dorm furniture” to me. It’s also tiny!

Now that it’s plain ole black it no longer screams, it just sorta disappears, perfect since it’s a boring little table!

1-Spraypaint-side-table (1)2-Spraypaint-side-table (3)3-IMG_3775
Our house was built in 1954 so we have two prong outlets, and as a Master Electrician’s daughter this definitely needed to be resolved safely! We found these great portable GFCIs at Home Depot for $12 which is less than a GFCI outlet, ha-ha!

What we did was we pulled out the ground on these units since our plugs are ground less, then plug in our grounded devices, if the plugged in item has an issue and tries to ground the GFCI trips cutting off the power, creating a safe way to bypass the ground.  The issue was that they are BRIGHT BRIGHT YELLOW!

Spray paint to the rescue!  It took many thin coats, but they are finally pretty much white, and from standing when plugged in they look GREAT!
Spray-paint-gfis (1)Spray-paint-gfis (2)

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  1. I never knew that older outlets only had two prongs. And I didn't know that you could spray paint outlets.

  2. Hey! I found you on Being Greek! I'm an Alpha Gam too! I love your blog!

  3. Very nice Kirsti. You're so brave with trying new things. You inspire me to try something like this :)