Master Bath Budget Update

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Just like everyone else we have grand someday plans for our tiny master bath, but we definitely needed to do something before we got to all that, and I’m so glad we did, so so much better!

Master Bath Room

What we did:

Master Bath Room

Painted the room in Behr Silver Drop, we used full gloss since our house was built pre bathroom special drywall, the gloss helps protect the wall from the moisture.
Master Bath Room1

Painted the oak medicine cabinet the gray of our dresser. Replaced the knob. Pretty easy, looks great now, didn’t have to figure out what to do with the hole, plus kept the storage.

Master Bath Room2

Painted the hanging curio that same grey, and using painters tape and frosted glass spray paint added stripes for interest.

Master Bath Room3

Painted the oak vanity. Getting a new taller vanity is something we’d like to do soonish, but finding 24” one with drawers has been tough. On a total whim with no prep I painted it the wall color. It worked out pretty well, scratches easily, but it you remember to always use your handy spray painted hardware it should hold up as temp fix. Painting it the wall color has really helped me make it disappear for now!

Master Bath Room4

Replaced the hardware We had the cheap horrible oak bathroom hardware, I replaced those with some nice brushed nickel hardware from the Pfister Redmond collection, which I thought was a good value, it’s well made, easy to hang, and wasn’t as expensive as some.


Replaced the Light fixture still needs to be hung next time my dad is in town, our electrical mysteries continue and we unveiled an exposed live wire… yeah so we’ve been rocking the bathroom floor lamp… yeah it’s getting old.


So much better,and everything spent can be utilized again when we tackle the vanity, spaceship shower, and floor someday. Definitely glad we made the small investment in getting this room updated on a dime.

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